sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012

Warm and cosy

Finger knitted chunky cowl scarf

vineri, 19 octombrie 2012

Postman`s bag

                     The first one ever made. I had a lot of fun doing it.

joi, 18 octombrie 2012

"Amish" Skirt

This skirt it used to be a curtain. Yes, a curtain! An old cotton curtain that I did not want to throw away. I`m not good at tutorials, so I am very very sorry, but I cannot explain how I did it. It just came to me. It`s the first skirt I ever made, no one told me how to do it, I haven't watched any tutorial, I just did it the way it came in my mind. :)

Winter is coming! Cover your books! Part IV - Shapes

Squares and circles

luni, 15 octombrie 2012

Draw yourself

                     Take a look into your soul, forget about the prize!

duminică, 14 octombrie 2012

Coconut accessories

Cause I love yarn

Braided Yarn Bangle

Twisted Yarn Bangle

sâmbătă, 6 octombrie 2012

Autumn....and soon winter

A plastic bottle, some duct tape, some double stick tape aaaand my imagination.

miercuri, 3 octombrie 2012

Winter is coming! Cover your books! Part III


marți, 2 octombrie 2012

"Fight another winter and you'll live another spring"

                           "She will sing for you over and over again
                            Surrender, befriend her and fight to the end
                            If the rhyme is your treason
                            She must be your friend"

Old habits never die

Un episod nou din mini-seria ”Aventurile lui Gogu pe meleagurile încețoșate ale Marii Britanii” găsiți  = >AICI

luni, 1 octombrie 2012

Pentru că mi-e dor de tine, cel de odinioară